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About our holidays

What is the average age of the guests at Ibiza Yoga?

What will be my average daily expenditure

Is a visa required for entry to ibiza from Europe ?

Are your prices competitive ?

Are you close to the beach

Booking a Holiday on line

Do you offer week end breaks ?

I want to check for availablility for a particular week?

Do you offer discounts?

Booking reads Male or Female only - why ?

Would you consider swapping a product or a skill for a holiday?

Do I get a discount on a last minute booking.


What is the class agenda for the week ?

What type of yoga is taught ?

Who is best suited to the beginners level yoga ?

How long is the daily class ?

How many yoga postures are there ?

How many yoga classes are there per day ?

Will I lose weight by attending a week-long yoga course ?

What time does the yoga start for the morning classes ?

Am I a beginner ?

What are the class sizes ?

Can I walk out of a class or not attend the occassional class ?

Isn't 3 hours rather long for a yoga class ?

I am stressed out - would a yoga holiday help with stress ?

As well as yoga I like cross training do you have an instructor ?

Do you have the classes always outdoors? Is that very exposed to the sun or in the shade. Do you have indoor rooms as well in case it is too hot?

What are the yoga studio floors made off ?

When does the course finish?

What are some of the benefits of a yoga holiday / retreat ?

When does the course start ?

I would like a massage during my holiday. How do I go about booking this?

Which month will you open/close in 2015 ?

Do I bring my own yoga mat ?

What type of yoga mats do you provide?

I have my period / menstrual cycle on the week that I am coming to the retreat how does that effect my yoga practice ?

If I decide not to attend all the 6 yoga classes in a week long course do I get a discount?

Can yoga help Menopause ?

Can I extend my stay at the retreat and not do any yoga?

Can I do yoga while pregnant?

How ofte are the yoga mats cleaned?

I want to book from Wednesday to Wednesday can I ?

Can I volunteer for drop in yoga classes


Which day do I arrive and leave?

Can I arrive on the Sunday?

Why arrive on the Saturday if the course starts on the Sunday ?

How much in advance can you book EasyJet/Ryanair flight ?

Taxis - when I am at the retreat, how do I book one?

I like hiking, is there anywhere to go locally ?

I want to pair up with others on my flight to share a taxi cab, how do I do this ?

Do you collect guests from the airport ?

Are you a member of ABTA or ATOL ?

Do I need to have any inoculations to visit Ibiza ?

Are there public buses from the airport to the retreat.

I arrive at 1.30am/2am Saturday night/Sunday morning. Will cabs be available in the middle of the night?

Are cabs more expensive at night?

Is there car hire nearby?

How do you manage your carbon footprint ?

If I hire a car is there somewhere for me to park it ?

Is there motorbike/scooter hire nearby?

What are the Exchange rates applied if holiday is paid in other currency than GBP

Can guests hire bicycles in Ibiza?

ATM machine where is the nearest ?

How much are the taxis from the airport?

Can I park free at Villa Roca .

Do you offer airport transfers ?


I am travelling alone, do I have to find a room mate / person to share a room with?

What type of food is served and how often ?

Villa Roca Rooms - why the price difference ?

I understand the nearest shops are 10 minutes by car or a one hour walk - if I forget something do you sell any basics ?

Do you get mosquitoes in the summer ?

What is the weather like in the all the months of the year ?

Do you stock or supply alcohol at either retreat venue ?

What massage services do you offer ?

I want to do the yoga but my friend / partner does not. Can he /she stay at the retreat ?

Do you have internet access and a computer?

Have any of your guests met and got married ?!!

Is the food tasty ?

What is the ratio of bathrooms to guests at Villa Roca ?

Any suggestions of where to stay locally to Villa Roca?

Do you do last minute week-end deals ?

Can I bring my child / children ?

What do you not supply?

What size beds are in the Villa and the Pagodas ?

Do you supply beach and bath towels ?

Can I smoke in the Villas Apartments or Pagoda Garden ?

Can I book a room with a single room supplement and have my friend to stay ?

What type of people stay at the retreat?

Do you have any resident cats or other pets ?

Do your staff speak any languages other than English ?

Which room/s have airconditioning ?

How many staff do you have and where do they live ?

In general what do you supply ?

Are you open for winter & spring retreats ?

Are all your guests and staff English?

Can I stay more than 7 nights but less than 14 ?

Do you have any books to read at the retreat ?

Do you supply soya and almond milk?

Do you have a safe to lock my valuables ?

Can I hire the whole of Villa Roca to take my own group ?

Bedding in the pagodas
Your pagoda bed consists of a mattress with fitted sheet, flat sheet, blankets, bedspread and pillow.

Is there WI FI at the retreat?

Do you offer Spanish lessons?

Is there any good jogging / running around the local area ?

Does your chef cook meals coeliac disease sufferers suitable ?

Can I use the washing machine to do my laundry?

Is it possible to come mid-week? I am only able to arrive on a tues/wed/thurs ?

Can I upgrade my accommodation if space is available ?

What happens with goods that are left behind at the retreats ?

Is there a fridge guests can use to store their own food in Villa Roca?

How much is a loaf of bread in the local supermarket ?

How much is a can of coke on the beach ?

Is there a juicer that I could use in the Villa ?

What is the wifi speed like ?

If i decide to leave a day early for can I get a refund for that day / night ?

Why do you charge for making changes to a booking?

What fruit is there in the fruit bowls ?

Why dont you include towels in the price of Roca and Pagoda Garden?

Is it warm enough in the Pagodas in April?

Do you have a swimming pool ?

How much does it cost to camp in Ibiza ?

Do you have somewhere I can lock my passport and money ?

I dont like being in or staying in the countryside ?

Internet downloading files ?

When do you open in 2017


Can I swim and sunbath naked on Benirras Beach ?

Are there any local restaurants ?

What is the weather like in the winter ?

Does the beach fly a flag to let you know the current strength ?

Is there a life guard on duty at the beach.

How far is the beach

How close is the beach to Villa Roca , Casita and Casa Noa ?

What time do the drummers start on a Sunday

Is the beach sandy ?

Do they sell ice creams on the beach

Can I buy cigarettes at the beach

Is there a juice bar on the beach

Is there a life guard


What items should I bring with me?

Where can I lock my luggage when staying in a pagoda ?


Is my holiday tax deductable ?

Do you run a volunteer program ?

To all hay fever sufferers...

Do you supply any type of medicine?

Is your yoga centre modified to accommodate wheelchairs?

If your question is not answered on this page then please ask it below and we will give you an answer as soon as possible.

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